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194 Ossington Ave
(south of Dundas W)
M6J 2Z7
Tel: 647 351 8998
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fine art posters
Let the warmth of our famous imported fine art lithographs from the Golden Age of Poster Art (1880-1939) surprise you with their range of style and content.

fine art posters


gig posters
Aesthetic Apparatus and Patent Pending's posters for AC Newman, Mogwai, Bob Log III, Modest Mouse, Wolfmother, Isobel Campbell, Belle and Sebastian, The Constantines, Breeders... 

fine art posters


Poster Art Lithographs
Check out some wild 1960-1977 Cuban silkscreen poster art; well known flicks like Frenzy are outnumbered by obscure ones like 7 Hombres Y Una Muchacha".

fine art posters

Telegramme Prints specializes in fine art posters, lithographs, screenprints and gig posters..

About the The S² Atelier & the Beauty of Direct Lithographs


The Ré Collection remastered lithograph you are about to purchase from Telegramme is probably unlike anything you have ever seen before. S2 Art, the US-based atelier that produces these fine art prints, uses extremely rare antique lithographic presses, originally steam-powered, from Germany and France. The process in fact is so labour intensive, it was replaced by a faster, cheaper technology by the Second World War when technical innovations enabled the designer to experiment with changes of scale and colour not previously possible.  Lost was the presence of an artist’s hand in the precision of the line, the smooth blending of pure colors in these striking images and unsurpassed works which over time have transcended their advertising message. Lost, until now. The beguiling Art Nouveau beauties and stunning Art Deco vamps are reborn. The layers of distance between you and pioneering designers like Capiello, Bayer and Holwein is reconnected with these touchstones of the Belle Époque and Industrial Age.
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